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Drumheller hoodoos

The Dinosaur Capital of the World, also known as the city of Drumheller, can be found in the Badlands of Alberta. With a draw like that, it isn't hard to imagine why Drumheller is such a unique Albertan location to visit for both tourists and locals looking for a getaway.

Growing up in Alberta, Drumheller was my family's go-to summer vacation spot and had activities for us to enjoy at every age. The same stands true today, with Drumheller continuing to be an excellent vacation spot, or even day trip from surrounding cities.

Lucas and I took the opportunity to escape Calgary on a day trip of our own this past weekend, visiting some of my family's traditional vacation spots and adding in a few new stops along the way! Check out our recommendations below for a perfect day in the Badlands:

Royal Tyrell Museum

The Royal Tyrell Museum is one of the most iconic Drumheller stops, which isn't surprising as the Badlands are famous for their paleontological and geological finds. You'll learn about both in this interactive museum boasting one of the world's largest dinosaur collections!

Badlands Interpretive Trail

Right outside the Royal Tyrell Museum you will find a short trail with fantastic views of the geological beauty that can be found in Drumheller. This hike is 1.6 kilometres long with 25 metres elevation gain, making it accessible for anyone to enjoy the vistas.

Drumheller's Little Church

This church is a cute stop as you visit the highlights of Drumheller. The slogan? "Seating 10,000 people- 6 at a time."

The World's Largest Dinosaur

If you are going to the Dinosaur Capital of the World, the World's Largest Dinosaur is a clear must-do! Here you will find souvenirs, a spray park, and a fountain to soak your feet in.

Valley Brewing

For the adults, Valley Brewing is a local craft brewery situated right beside the Drumheller water tower, with a great seating area to enjoy the sun.

11 Bridges to Wayne

Make your way to Wayne by passing over the 11 bridges, stopping for a drink and a bite of food at the Last Chance Saloon.

The Hoodoos

Finish your day at the famous Hoodoos, preferably climbing to the top for a beautiful sunset view of the Badlands below!

Thanks for reading!

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Pat Charla
Pat Charla

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