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On opening weekend, we visited Calgary's newest public library, along with hundreds of others who were excited to see the beautiful new building. Neither of us have ever had to line up to get into a library before, but it was more than worth the wait!

With four levels of books, technology, children's areas, rentable meeting rooms, and creative spaces, the new library is an amazing addition for the public.

The inclusion of creative spaces is an exciting and integrative way to engage with the public library. From adding your #humblebrag or #beastmode reads to a journal, or using a typewriter to leave your comments for the library, they have included fun and creative ways to engage with the written word.

The new library has play areas for children, learning spaces, and thoughtfully arranged books for children, making it a great family friendly environment.

As if all that were not enough, the building itself is beautiful. The architecture speaks for itself (mostly because I never could), but anyone can see the beautiful environment the new library has created.

Whether you are going for coffee, to read, use your computer, bring your family, or even just to sightsee, the new library is a destination more than worth visiting! To read more about the amenities offered visit the Calgary Public Library's post on the new building!

We hope you enjoy the photos!



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