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People walking in the Reichstag dome

A summer in Berlin is never boring. In addition to hosting exceptional nightlife, there is always something to do in Berlin due to the outstanding creativity of this metro city. There is a reason this city and country will always have a place in my heart, and it isn't just because it was the first country abroad I lived in solo.

Dusk at Monbijou Park is like a setting for a romance movie. While encircled in fairy lights, watch ballroom dancers dance on the open floor with the Spree river and Berlin Cathedral as a beautiful backdrop under the open sky. Grab your loved one and a bottle of wine to share, or try out ballroom dancing during one of their lessons kicking off the evening.

Ballroom dancers at dusk in Monbijou Park

Sundays at Mauerpark host the local Karaoke Bike, where those who sign up can belt out their versions of famous songs for a huge crowd of cheering admirers. Good or bad, the crowd is happy to root for the performer and make everyone feel welcome. I never felt more a part of the group in Berlin than watching and cheering on the brave singers. Afterwards, head over to the famous Mauerpark market for one of the best markets in the city.


For a fun summer experience, check out the outdoor cinemas. Choose your lawn chair or patch of grass, grab some popcorn, and cuddle up in a blanket and enjoy the large screen movie. Check out the oldest open air cinema in Kreuzberg.

This remnant of the second world war was used as a former U.S. listening station. Now it hosts a huge display of graffiti on a beautiful abandoned canvas. Getting in is sometimes a chore, there are "tour" operators that charge you to come in and are fairly erratic, but nobody is quite sure if it is a credible operation. Don't overthink it and enjoy your time exploring this graffiti haven.

Teufelsberg dome covered in graffiti

Visit this large outdoor pool floating on the river Spree for a fun and unique summer day. Combined with a beach bar and sand for beach volleyball, the Badeschiff also offers summer open air concerts.

Badeschiff: a pool inside the river Spree


The Tiergarten is famous for a reason: it hosts a huge green space in a city of historical architecture. Don't label Berlin as a concrete slab though, it also has a huge variety of parks and green spaces for you to visit and enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

Check out Tempelhofer Park, Treptower Park, Viktoria Park, or one of the many other parks in Berlin. Often there are summer events to enjoy too. Just don't be too surprised to see some naked sun bathers, as the city itself is very liberal!

What are some of your favorite activities for summer in Berlin? Or, if you haven't been, what are you looking forward to doing when you get there? Comment below!

A Berlin Summer: 6 Best Summer Experiences | A summer in Berlin is never boring. Whether it is exceptional nightlife or the huge variety of creative outlets, there is always something to do in this city!



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